About Us

Advanced Medical Instrumentation and Robotics Research Laboratory

The Advanced Medical Instrumentation and Robotics Research Laboratory (AMIRo) conducts research to aid and support the robotic assisted medical technology encompassing medical diagnosis and therapy, and clinical research. The main goal is to create the future medical robots and devices that will help clinicians to deliver earlier diagnosis and less invasive treatments at lower cost and in shorter time.

Our current research efforts include developing:

  • MRI-compatible robots and devices for prostate cancer therapy and musculoskeletal and spinal interventions;
  • Surgical robots and medical instrumentation for microsurgery and minimally invasive surgery;
  • Small animals research platforms for preclinical cancer research.

We work closely with other research groups in and outside of the Johns Hopkins University and Hospital as well as local industries. Our inside collaborators are: the CIIS, SMARTS, and DSCL at LCSR, POL at ECE and DROMRS at JHH. The outside collaborators include: the Perk Lab at Queen’s, SPL at BWH, SML at CMU, and AIM at WPI.